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The SpencerMetrics solution specializes in automatic data collection from a variety of production equipment, both digital and analog. The system integrates shop floor data collection from machine operators to facilitate powerful real-time analytics. Transform your operations with automatic and accurate machine data with simple connectivity combined with breakthrough operator usability. Let the technology do the work for you so you have more time to use the information, rather than spending days gathering, cleaning and making sense of data.

Capture accurate machine data. Capture operator knowledge, without impeding productivity. Without machine activity data, the accuracy is compromised and data becomes obsolete before it gets around to being analyzed. Without operator data (shop floor data collection), there is no context to understand raw machine signals. Operator knowledge is critical to understanding and reducing potentially excessive downtime. The robust analytics package simplifies the information to present relevant metrics so your team can focus on improvements immediately. Drive out unnecessary costs and make more money by effectively leveraging production analytics.

CONNECT is a hybrid-cloud tool that aims to revolutionize the way in which production floors, large and small, operate. A user-focused approach allows the solution to mitigate operator and management frustration and helps streamline processes for higher efficiency.

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Unlike some alternative solutions in the market, CONNECT ties into multi-vendor digital production equipment using intelligent software communication. It collects, normalizes, and presents unbiased information about machine efficiency. The AUTOMATER module allows data to be collected from analog/conventional equipment, providing one system to manage the entire production platform. Standardized, vendor-neutral data is converted into actionable information that can improve operational productivity. Know exactly when and why your equipment is not running — identify the root causes for lost profit — implement accurate and effective changes to realize a higher return on investment. CONNECT’s rapid deployment gets the system up and running within days, not weeks, not months!

The dedicated team at SpencerMetrics is here for you from the beginning to assist your business with setup, training, support, and continuous improvement through your CONNECT journey.

Integrates with any digital machine using intelligent software communication
integrates any analog machine seamlessly with the system

Use Cases:

Multi-vendor equipment utilization tracking

Operator performance

Time & material waste reduction

Accurate job costing

Vendor management

Equipment maintenance

Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement

Track KPIs: 

Availability, Quality, Performance, Utilization, OEE

Transform Your Operation

Arrow stats increasing


Cost of waste

Machine downtime

Employee overtime

Cycle time

Time & frustration of

data collection and analysis

Job costs

Workflow obstacles & bottlenecks

Improve & Optimize:

Capacity utilization

Operational insight

Enterprise resources

Procedures & training

Return on investment


Sellable output

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Lean six sigma concept

Monetize your downtime

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